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A little more information...

As of 1 March 2020, I am working out of Reservoir Studios, London N4. 

For a complete list of equipment available at the studio including my gear listed here,          please visit: *Reservoir Studios Gear List*

Equipment and Gear

The Console - 1980's Soundcraft 6000 Custom 

I have recently moved premises and joined forces with Chris Clarke at Reservoir Studios in North London, N4.


Between us, over the past 10 years, we have collected some rare and interesting gear as well as the usual industry standard equipment you'd expect... We've combined our resources to provide a huge choice of gear for you to use in your sessions and projects...

As well as a good selection of microphones between us, we have some nice analogue outboard, both newer 'clones' and older original bits of gear...


Original Adam A7 Mk i's


Art HeadAmp 6 Headphone Monitoring Distributor

Beyerdynamic DT 100 and DT 770 headphones


Recorders & Converters



UAD Apollo 16 Mkii

2016 15" MacBook Pro w/Logic Pro X

Tascam MSR-16 Multitrack Reel To Reel Recorder

iMac 2019 27" 5K 3GHz 6-Core Upgraded RAM and Processor w/Logic Pro X

ATR Magnetics

10.5"Spool 1/2" Tape


Warm Audio WA-2A Optical Tube Compressor (LA-2A Clone)


2 x Warm Audio WA-76 (1176 Clones)

Warm Audio WA-76 x 2

BSS DPR 404 Quad Compressor/Limiter 

& De-Esser     


Lexicon MPX 100 x 2

Universal Audio LA-610 Mk.ii

- Preamp and Optical Compressor

Universal Audio 6176

- Preamp and FET Compressor


For an updated and complete list of gear since the new move, please see the Reservoir Studios website...

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Great on vocals, bass, anything really! An LA-2A strapped to a Putnam 610 Pre and EQ... Sounds ace