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Full Recording Studio Sessions

These are usually 8 hour blocks and can be booked anytime between 10am and midnight.*


*Later times may be available on enquiry.

Please Note:

An overtime/night hourly rate of 1.5 X is applied to hours after 6pm.

Studio Half-Sessions

Half the length of a full session,

these 4 hour blocks can be booked anytime between 10am and midnight, subject to availability. Please enquire as I may be able to slot you in!

Please Note:

An overtime/night hourly rate of 1.5 X is applied to hours after 6pm.

Remote Production

If you are happy working from your own space but wish to employ my services in any capacity, be it to process audio files or even record parts for you as a session musician or enlisting the services of other musicians, please do get in touch.


EmaiI over the material and I will use my analogue equipment to add weight, warmth, colour and definition to your audio files as per your brief.


I have very talented session musician colleagues that can also be brought in to record the parts you require for your compositions... 

everyone from brass, strings, drummers, bassists, guitarists and pianists etc! You name it and I can organise it... Contact me with your specific requests*...


*Fees vary as per services required. Please enquire...

Guitar Lessons, Songwriting & Other Services

Guitar Lessons 

I teach the guitar and can provide tuition from beginner to advanced, please enquire for prices...

Songwriting Workshopping

I run workshopping sessions where you can bring in unfinished songs and rough ideas and turn them into finished work, using the studio equipment and the instruments on offer...


Contact me for more details... 

Analogue Cassette Transfer

I can take your old analogue cassettes and tape and transfer the contents using hi-end Universal Audio converters to new digital files, for you to keep forever... Enquire for prices...

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