Andrew Harwood


I'm a musician, music producer and engineer, living and working in London, U.K.


I've just moved premises and now share and work out of the studio at Reservoir Studios, in London N4. Please contact me on here for work/rates and any info you need...

  • 16 Track Analogue & Digital Recording Studio

Track through a 32 track analogue desk into a 16 track tape machine or hi-end digital converter into Logic Pro X

  • Analogue>Digital & Digital>Analogue Transfers

Turn your analogue recordings into high quality digital audio files - 1/4" stereo and 1/2" 16-Track machine transfers both available...


Warm up your digital stems by transferring them onto analogue tape... Mixing off tape can also be a creatively rewarding process if you're over-used to/fed up of working on computer DAWs...

  • Audio Stems Processing

Run your material through hi-end analogue outboard, to add warmth and quality to your pre-existing recordings and files...


When plug-ins just won't cut it...

  • Mixing

Have your projects mixed through warm hi-end analogue outboard and a vintage 32-channel mixing desk

  • Session Musician and Tracking Services

Use top industry session musicians on your recordings and projects...

Lots of London contacts; musicians of many and varied disciplines available!

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